For console lovers, we have provided six Sony playstation 5, which are intended for multiplayer and solo gaming.


Available games:




Mortal komat 1

Ufc 5

Naruto shippuden: Ninja storm 4

Tekken 8

Gran turismo 7

Horizon forbbiden west

Spiderman Miles Morales

God of war Ragnarok

Ghost of Tsushima

Guardians of galaxy

Uncharted legacy of thieves

As new trending games come out we preorder them to have them available on time.

We separated the consoles in a separate space from the computer so that they would not interfere with each other due to the difference in gaming.

Functionality of consoles and joysticks is our top priority, we do not want our users to wait or be disturbed by malfunctions.

We combined PS5 consoles with 49 inch, 4K resolution TVs to achieve most modern game graphics in games that you can try today. 

A regularly serviced Playstation with a clean and tidy environment awaits you.

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